When I almost lost my passion of Writing

Ever since Blog sites came into existence, I have been an active blogger. As I have mentioned often, I love writing, exchanging ideas and knowledge. This journey, of following my passion, has not always been easy though. Having written White papers that got incorporated in National policies, books, articles in numerous publications and a Blogsite that is now among the top 75 Supply Chain websites in the world , I still look back at some moments in my career when I was almost forced to kill my passion of writing.

Few years ago, I started in a new job. Like everyone else, I wanted to make my mark in my new job so I put all my blogging activities on hold. After approx. an year, I started feeling the itch to write again 😁

But I also wanted to do it in a way that was engaging with the employer. I came to know that they had a newsletter that I can contribute to. We all received an email with set of instructions on how to submit articles. The email indicated that even if the article will not be deemed fit for publishing, all those who submit work will receive a response.

So I sent my first article, copying all individuals who were required to be copied. Couple of months went by but I did not hear a beep. Nada…nilch…nothing.

I thought maybe my article sucked. I then got back into my busy life but then the itch returned. 😁

I then tried another article. I had some downtime so I really put everything in it. From my perspective, it was a great article, that introduced an innovative approach of leveraging neural networks in a Supply Chain context, complete with a Python code to implement it.

Again….two months and nothing.

I started doubting my skills and started losing interest in my passion. Then my wife suggested a litmus test…send it to some of the top journals. I sent to three and got accepted to all three.

This was an eye opener…it was not the article but the unwillingness to publish it.

My wife suggested that I pursue my passion the way I was doing…on my own Blog Site.

And that is exactly what I did for next one year. Then….I received an email after a year from HR, that indicated that my Blog writing activity was akin to running my own business while holding a job with them. The email ( a printed copy of which I still keep on my home office desk as inspiration) said that the top leadership team was pissed (written in a sophisticated way).

You can imagine my frustration. The employer did not want me to write for them, they did not want me to write on my blog. Did that mean I should not write at all ?

At that time, my website screamed in big letters that no revenue is getting generated from the website. How can a blog, that generates no revenue be Moonlighting ? In my professional career I had never faced such a scenario.

Fast forward today, I am thankful to my family for supporting me through that extremely difficult phase. Not letting go of my passion was something that has been fruitful for my career.

I keep all the emails on my home office desk (ones that I sent to newsletter submissions, one that I received from an editor of a journal personally appreciating my article and the third one challenging me writing on my blog). Always inspires me.

Never let go of your passion. Keep pushing !

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